Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not on this page, please contact us at mindfuleatingplacemat@gmail.com


Q. Do you have the placemat in another language?

A. Not at the moment, we may look at translating in the future.


Q. Do you offer bulk discounts?

A. Yes, please contact us.


Q. Are you able to modify the placemat?

A. Yes, if you require specific changes, contact us.


Q. Can we link our website to your website?

A. Depends on your website. Please contact us.


Q. Why don't you post?

A. It is expensive to post. It is cheaper to take the files to a local print shop than to post.

Another option would be to buy a cheap secondhand A3 printer and laminator and then sell it again when you have finished with it. Sometimes cheap printer ink can be found on ebay.


Q. Can I become a reseller of your placemat?

A. Yes, contact us to discuss.


Q. I'm having problems printing my placemat. Can you help?

A. Check your printer settings:

Make sure your printer can take A3 size paper.

Make sure the settings are set to Landscape.

Make sure that placemat is printed in Actual Size or the placemat circle will be smaller than 9 inches.

Contact us if you are still having problems.


Q. I've changed my goal, can get a new placemat emailed?

A. If you've changed your mind before we have sent it to you, we can change it at no charge.

If you have already purchased from us, we can email you a new placemat at a reduced rate. Contact us to arrange.


Q. Can I use a bigger or smaller plate on the placemat?

A. If your plate is only slightly bigger it is ok, the idea is to reduce your portions, so a much bigger plate will defeat that purpose.

A smaller plate is fine, try not to go too small though, as you may find yourself going for second helpings if you are not getting enough food.







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