Below are some meal ideas.

Try to make your meal as healthy as possible. Avoid processed foods and artificial flavours.

These are only meal ideas, swap foods which you don't like for healthy foods you do like.

Search the internet for healthier recipes of your favourite meals. Use healthy condiments, herbs and spices to help flavour your meals.

Try to steam, boil, bake and grill foods instead of frying or deep frying.

You can swap meals around. You can have a lunch meal for dinner or even a breakfast meal for lunch or dinner.





Poached egg, slice bacon, homemade hashbrowns with tomato, mushrooms and spinachOats, banana and egg white pancakes with half a small banana, pure maple syrup and vanilla yoghurtWholemeal muffin with cheese, baked beans and tomato and spinach salad

One scrambled egg, with sourdough toast and mushrooms and spinachPoached egg, slice bacon, hashbrown with mushrooms, capsicum and onionWholemeal english muffin with avocado, tomato, poached egg, mushrooms and spinach

Porridge with berriesTwo slices short cut bacon with sweet potato and potato hashbrown with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and spinachPoached egg with sourdough toast and baked beans with a side of mushrooms

Poached egg, with one slice short cut bacon with sweet potato hashbrown, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and spinachGrated apple and egg white pancakes with sliced applePoached egg with sourdough toast, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach

Sweet potato toast with mushrooms and poached eggPoached egg on a wholegrain english muffin with spinach and rocketPoached egg with sweet potato, tomato, avocado and mushrooms

Vegetable packed frittata with a side of shiitakeOven baked capsicum filled with an egg, broccoli, onion and diced capsicum with a side of mushrooms






Tuna with half a wholemeal pocket pita with mixed saladEgg wrap with carrot, ham, lettuce and mushroomsPrawn and avocado salad

Poached chicken salad with spinach, tomato, avocado, onion, carrots and olivesOne egg omlette filled with mushrooms, spinach and onion with a tomato, spinach and olive saladSmall sourdough toast open sandwich with poached chicken, spinach, carrot, tomato and avocado

Poached egg on a spinach, rocket, pumpkin, feta and sunflower seed saladPoached chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber ribbons olives and avocadoSweet potato toast topped with hommus, carrot and avocado with a side salad of spinach and cherry tomatoes

Pumpkin, ricotta and pinenut fritata with a side salad of rocket, spinach, tomato, carrot and beetrootChicken and cheese salad with lettuce, olives, carrot and onionBoiled egg with half a wholemeal pita pocket with tomato, beetroot, carrot salad

Sourdough toast with poached egg, spinach, tomato and avocadoLettuce, tuna, egg, olives, tomatoes, carrot and beetroot saladFrittata with egg, chicken, onion, capsicum and broccoli

Red rice sushi roll filled with tuna, carrot and cucumber Zucchini, carrot, mushroom and onion soupPumpkin, carrot and onion soup

Sweet potato toast with tuna and avocado with a salad of spinach and cherry tomatoes Roasted capsicum frittata with a side of mushrooms Sourdough toast with hommus, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber and grated carrot

Rice paper rolls filled with prawns, cucumber, red capsicum, carrot and noodles Tuna, boiled egg, olives, tomato and carrot salad






Poached chicken with brown rice and side saladWarm chicken salad with quinoa, cauliflower,capsicum, carrot, onion, kale and parsleySweet and sour chicken with stir-fry vegetables and cauliflower and broccoli rice

Baked chicken topped with mushrooms with sweet potato mash and side saladSweet and sour chicken with basmati rice and stir-fry vegetablesPoached chicken with sweet potato mash and beans, carrots and broccoli

Chicken burger with wholemeal roll and spinach, tomato and beetrootPoached chicken with avocado, sweet potato and saladBaked chicken with mushrooms and roast pumpkin with a rocket carrot and cabbage salad

Roasted chicken with roast vegetables and avocado, tomato, cucumber, onion and olive saladChicken and cashews with brown rice and stir-fry vegetablesBaked chicken with spaghetti and side salad

Roasted chicken with veges, rice and greek saladGrilled chicken with mushrooms mash and coleslaw saladPoached chicken with black rice and salad

Lean roasted chicken breast with roasted sweet potato and lettuce and tomato saladPoached chicken with oven baked sweet potato fries and green saladSmall chicken kiev with basmati rice and caesar salad

Chicken rissoles with sweet potato and potato mash and a side saladRoast chicken with roast zucchini and a greek saladChicken with mushrooms, capsicum and onion, with basmati rice and red cabbage salad

Chicken topped with ham and brie, with lentils and a saladSmall roast chicken with a light cream spinach sauce, roasted sweet potato and a spinach, tomato, capsicum and onion saladDiced chicken with gravy and wholegrain rice with a lettuce and tomato salad

Chicken curry with pasta and tomato, cucumber saladChicken bolognese with wholemeal spaghetti and greek salad



Sesame beef with spiralized carrots and zucchini and stir-fry vegetablesBeef strips with potato and spiralized zucchini noodlesSteak with mushrooms, potato mash and green beans

Beef meatloaf with a potato and greek saladSteak with oven baked herb potato wedges and side saladBeef stroganoff with potato mash and greek salad

Stir-fried beef with basmati rice and stir-fried vegetablesBeef steak with basmati rice and green saladSmall beef steak with boiled carrots and a greek salad

Meatloaf with egg and a side of peas and carrots with a saladHealthier beef lasagna with cucumber and tomato saladSteak with black rice and beetroot salad

Steak with carrots and red cabbage salad Steak topped with zucchini and mushrooms with a boiled potato and stir-fried cabbage Steak with roasted brussel sprouts with a salad of lettuce, onion, radish, olives and cucumber

Steak with corn and peas with stir-fried cabbage, fennel and mushrooms Steak with roasted rosemary celeriac chips and tomato, cucumber salad Steak with peas and coleslaw



Baked fish with shredded sweet potato and carrot with side saladBaked sesame seed fish with sweet potato fries and greek saladGarlic prawns and calamari with ribbon carrots and side salad

Baked fish with zucchini and carrot fritters and side saladGrilled tuna steak with green beans, mushrooms and side saladSeafood mix with soy sauce, brown rice and side salad

Oven baked salmon with basmati rice and saladSmall tuna steak with cauliflower rice and stir-fry vegetablesTuna steak with potato mash and side salad

Tuna steak with wholegrain rice and coleslaw saladSatay prawns with black rice and stir-fry vegetables Tuna steak with boiled carrots, zucchini noodles and small salad

Oven baked salmon with sweet potato fries and saladTuna steak with potato mash and green beans and mushroomsTuna steak with potato, eggplant and snowpeas

Salmon with sweet potato rosti and a tomato salad Tuna steak with wholemeal basmati rice and side saladTuna steak with basmati rice and lettuce and tomato salad

Tuna steak with thin roasted vegetables and tomato, lettuce, onion and olive saladFish with red rice and coleslaw salad Tuna steak with potato, zucchini and fennel



Diced pork with brown rice and quinoa and stir-fry vegetablesLamb shank with roasted vegetables and greek saladRoasted pork with mushroom sauce and roasted vegetables and small salad

Lamb with mushrooms, mash and saladPork with mushrooms, roasted vegetables and saladLamb cutlet with potato, eggplant and fennel

Curried pork with basmati rice and saladLamb with wholemeal pita and greek saladMeatballs with wholemeal spaghetti and salad

Lamb cutlet with snowpeas and saladPork with capsicum and onions with basmati rice and saladPork sausage with sweet potato and carrot mash with a side salad

Baked pork schnitzel with potato and red cabbage salad Pork stir-fry with rice noodles and vegetables Pork burger with avocado, tomato and red cabbage salad




Falafel with sweet potato chips and asian green saladVegetarian lasagne with mushrooms, spinach and ricotta, sweet potato and a side saladSoy and sesame seed tofu slice with cauliflower rice and a greek salad

Cheese and leek plait with asian saladVegetarian burger with ciabatta roll and spinach, tomato and beetrootFalafel with brown and red rice with a green salad

Sesame seed tofu slice with cauliflower rice and stir-fry vegetablesNutty spaghetti with peanuts and cashews with a cucumber and avocado salad Vegetarian sausage rolls with a green salad

Mushroom, carrot and potato soup







Parmesan chips with sliced appleSliced carrot, and celery with hummus dipTuna mixed with greek yogurt dressing on top of sliced cucumber

Cucumber and red capsicum slices with herb cream cheese, carrot and half an olive Homemade microwaved potato chipsHam roll up with light herb cream cheese, mushrooms and carrot

Sliced cucumber with hommus dip and half an olive Zucchini rollups with cream cheese, carrot, capsicum and cucumberCream cheese with sweet chilli sauce and carrot sticks

Sliced apple rings topped with homemade peanut butter and mandarin Parmesan chips with sliced olivesSweet potato chips with sweet chilli dip

Wonton wrap crackers with hommus


Also use fresh fruit as a snack or dessert.






Apple rings with strawberry yoghurt Strawberry yogurt bark with kiwi fruit and strawberriesChocolate porridge with banana

Wholegrain muffin with peanut butter, banana and strawberryLight crepe with fresh strawberriesSweet frittata with apples and almonds

Vanilla berry jelly with blueberriesSweet rice paper rolls with strawberry and kiwi fruitYogurt bark with blueberries and raspberries

Small jelly with light whipped cream



Fresh seasonal fruits make a great dessert.





Everybody has different nutritional requirements, consult your doctor or qualified health professional to find out what diet best suits your individual needs.

Government health websites and diabetes websites are a great place to find recommended nutritional guidelines.



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